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Going on a trip outside South Africa? Exciting times lie ahead as the end-of-year holidays approach! Whether you’re planning to explore one of our neighbouring countries or heading further north, it’s crucial to be prepared—especially when driving. Here’s a checklist to ensure that your trip is both safe and memorable.

1. Paperwork Priorities: Before leaving, ensure you have all the necessary documents. This includes your passport, hotel bookings, your car’s registration papers, and of course, proof of insurance. If you’re insured with Leigh Insurance, you can request a letter confirming that your car is insured beyond South Africa’s boundaries. A pro tip? Email copies of important documents to yourself, just in case.

2. Vehicle Vital Checks:
Tyres: Hot weather can be harsh on tyres. Before hitting the road, check the pressure, alignment and rotation at your nearest car service centre. Don’t overlook the spare tyre!
Visibility: Summer rains or dusty roads can impair visibility. Fill up your windscreen wash and ensure your wipers are in top shape.
Oil and Coolant: Top up your oil, water and coolant. With rising temperatures, cars can overheat faster, so it’s best to be cautious.

3. Plan for Emergencies: Always have a first-aid kit. It can be a lifesaver for minor injuries or motion sickness. A flashlight can also be handy for nighttime emergencies. If you’re tech-savvy, ensure your GPS is set and always have emergency triangles for your car.

4. Admin Check: Update your vehicle’s license disc annually and make sure every potential driver has a current driving license. Remember, licenses need renewal every five years, and that includes an eye test.

5. Crossing Borders: If you’re crossing into another country, remember to get third-party liability insurance. It’s vital as most South African insurance plans only cover damages to your car outside the borders. This separate coverage ensures you’re protected if your car damages another vehicle or injures someone. You can usually purchase it from travel agencies or at the border itself.

6. Custom Car Updates: For those who’ve personalised their cars with extras like roof-racks, sound systems, or other additions, it’s a good idea to review your insurance policy. Make sure all your accessories are included in the coverage.

7. Instant Help At Your Fingertips: Save your insurance provider’s emergency number on your phone. In case of an incident, this ensures quick assistance. Some advanced insurance providers also offer help through their mobile apps, so be sure to check if yours does.

Embarking on a journey outside our beautiful country is thrilling. But ensuring everything’s in order before you leave can make a world of difference. At Leigh Insurance, we aim to make your travels as seamless as possible. Reach out, and let’s ensure you’re fully covered for the adventures ahead!