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Providing you with professional insurance advice, products & solutions

Attention, efficiency and relationship-based support


Leigh Insurance provides individuals with considered, personalised insurance advice and products.


Leigh Insurance supports businesses with calculated, tailor-made insurance advice and products.


Leigh Insurance assists communities with relevant insurance advise, products and solutions.

Attention, efficiency and relationship-based solutions

Attentive, efficient and relationship-based support is the foundation upon which the Leigh Insurance ethos rests. We are committed to providing professional insurance products, covers, solutions and support and are dedicated to maintaining low insurance costs and a policy free of restrictive warranties, endorsements and unnecessary excesses.

Leigh Insurance

MM&G Insurance Brokers, aDD2Admin (Pty) Ltd & Team Leigh Care

Through effective risk management, preferential premium rates and excesses that are negotiated and maintained, our policies result in additional funds being made available to you and for the benefit of the communities and families you serve.

Leigh Insurance includes Missionary, Medical & General Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd (known as MM&G Insurance Brokers), aDD2Admin (Pty) Ltd and Team Leigh Care, our section 21 Company not for gain (TLC).

MM&G Insurance Brokers

Whilst Leigh Insurance place commercial and personal insurance cover with local insurance companies, our independent insurance brokers, Missionary Medical & General Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd through the Church, Medical, Educational & Charitable underwriting facility, attend to the unique needs of your churches, schools, hospitals and many other non-profit organisations, associations and your personnel. Through risk analysis and specific cover requirements, Leigh Insurance investigates terms and place classes of insurance, such as Fire, Buildings Combined, Office Contents, Business Interruption, Public Liability, Motor, Business All Risks, Electronic Equipment, House owners and Householders, on local and international markets.

aDD2Admin (Pty) Ltd

aDD2Admin (Pty) Ltd provides you with an efficient system and infrastructure for insurance and small business administration. Monthly paid premiums have become the accepted norm for you and your companies, organisations and associations.

Team Leigh Care

Team Leigh Care, the acronym for Together Each Adds More, Let Each Individual Grow Here and Caring About Reaching Everyone, is our Section 21 Company not for gain, established in 2003, to provide opportunities for individuals and to support organisations in their various insurance activities. 

Team Leigh Care

Together Each Adds More,

Let Each Individual Grow Here,

Caring About Reaching Everyone