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Whether heading out for a picturesque vacation or opting for a cosy staycation, ensuring your possessions and home are secure should be top of your checklist. Consulting with your insurance broker before kicking off the holiday festivities can turn your holiday experience from stressful to serene. At Leigh Insurance, we’ve put together 5 insurance-savvy tips to minimise claim exposure while maximising the protection of your home and belongings.

  1. Maintain Continual Coverage: If an extended holiday is on the horizon and you’ll be away from home for a considerable period (exceeding 60 days), it’s essential to inform your broker. They can check your coverage continuity and advise on any necessary adjustments. Accidents or burglaries are unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any time. So, making sure you have the right insurance coverage for your belongings, both at home and on vacation, is crucial. Assess the limits on your contents policy to make sure you have adequate coverage for valuables like cellphones, laptops, cameras, bicycles and jewellery.
  2. Secure Your Home: Start your holiday with a peaceful mind by securing your home. Avoid broadcasting your absence on social media or voicemail. Ensure all entry points are locked, alarms are activated, and perhaps, engage a trusty neighbour to keep an eye, collect mail or conduct occasional checks. Enhance security with sensor lights or timed internal lighting, and safeguard your valuables in a secure or concealed location. Don’t forget to turn off the water mains and water heater to prevent potential mishaps.
  3. Vehicle Check-up for Road Trippers: Before the wheels hit the road, a thorough check of tire tread and pressure, wiper blades, and headlights is a wise move. Revisit your vehicle insurance policy, considering the increased valuation of vehicles over the past two years. An ideal insurance cover should shield you from accidental damage to your vehicle, less any excess, up to the current market value or value agreed between you and the Insurer (sum insured set). Having appropriate insurance cover may save you from hours of hassles, leaving you with more time for holiday enjoyment.
  4. Leave Valuables Behind When Beach-Bound: A common pitfall leading to insurance claim denials is the loss of valuables during outdoor excursions due to lack of care. Ensure your precious items are securely locked away before heading to the beach or other crowded places.
  5. Claim-Ready Documentation: Snap photos of your valuables along with their receipts and valuations as proof of ownership. This visual documentation can expedite the claim process should the need arise.

Hopefully, by adhering to the above measures, the only photos you’ll reminisce over are the joyous ones from your holiday!

For a hassle-free holiday, aligning with Leigh Insurance ensures your prized possessions and cherished home are well-protected. Discover more about our personalised insurance solutions here.