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Maintain your roof to keep your home & its contents in tip-top shape

If you care for your roof, you care for your home and its contents.
Regular maintenance is relatively painless and will probably save you from damage caused by water leaks and storm damage.



All roofs require maintenance and also waterproofing. Waterproofing is what you do to prevent water from entering a home. Part of the maintenance process is to ensure ridge tiles are not loose, the flashings are all in order, and the gutters are not blocked or leaking.
Roof flashings close gaps between the roof tiles and other objects that protrude from the roof, e.g. chimneys or side walls, and they prevent water from getting into the roof.


Gutters & Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes must be cleaned as often as possible, as debris also collects in them and causes blockages. Leaves, small branches and sometimes even birds and pests are some of the things that can be found blocking gutters and pipes, which can hinder water flow.

When it rains, monitor which downpipes are not allowing water to flow through. Insert a garden hose and spray out any dirt stuck inside the downpipes. Also, ensure that the downpipe’s bottom end is facing the right direction – it should face away from the house. Otherwise, water damage will be caused to the foundations. Also, ensure that any cracks in the joints and seams of gutters and pipes are attended to immediately, or they will leak.