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5 Steps to Take after A Motor Vehicle Accident

When one experiences a motor vehicle accident, tensions are high, and the stress of the situation can cause one not to think clearly. It is important to remember these five fundamental steps if you do happen to have an accident:


  1. Most importantly, check for Injuries. People and their well-being matter most. If required, call for assistance.
  2. Do not, at any stage, admit liability. Always advise the third party/parties of your insurance details and to contact us directly.Also ensure you exchange all necessary information with the 3rd Party/Parties.
    This information includes:
    • Driver’s full name
    • Driver’s ID number
    • Driver’s phone number and email address
    • Vehicle model, make and registration number
    • Vehicle owner’s name and contact number (if different from driver)
    • Vehicle owner’s insurance company name
    • If there is a witness, their full name and contact number
  3. Take clear photos of any damages on all vehicles if more than one is involved.
  4. Report the accident to your nearest police station within 24 hours.
  5. Contact Leigh Insurance Claims department, where Sherene and Gemma are ready to assist you.