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Why does Leigh insurance focus on insuring non-profit organisations? 


We understand that running a non-profit organisation is most often a selfless task where funds are in limited supply. Many non-profit organisations have to spread their funds so thin to support so many, and with increasing costs, it is crucial that they carefully look after every penny. We strive to ease the pressures of non-profits, and it is for this reason that we have created them as our niche market. 


The same values 

Non-profit organisations are, for the most part, passionate about serving their communities, putting others first and seeing others thrive. We share this passion!


How did insuring non-profits begin for Leigh Insurance?

In the late 1960s, the founder of Leigh Insurance, Ken Leigh, was approached for insurance advice by a Catholic Father based in the rural area of Lesotho, where few would consider the insurance needs of churches and other non-profits.

Consequently, the unique, ever-evolving product; Church, Medical, Educational and Charitable Insurance Facility (CMEC) was designed especially for the risk needs of these non-profit organisations, associations and their personnel.


Continued growth

The product has been recommended by our satisfied clients over the many years and has grown to substantially and beneficially impact an extensive non-profit portfolio’s risk needs with unique extensions, lower excess structures and more competitive premium costs.


We derive wonderful satisfaction in serving these organisations within the misunderstood and changing insurance industry.


Got questions? Or want to chat about insuring your non-profit organisation? Call on us today!